September 2010 - trip led by Carol Mantle

photo Photo by Graham Davies

Report by Carol Mantle

On the 27th September 56 happy travellers left the familiar mountains and sea views of the Costa Blanca, heading into the picturesque landscape described by Cervantes in his tales of Don Quixote and his trusty steed. We were travelling through a landscape of rolling hills with its windmills, castles and wonderful monastery buildings.   We avoided the maze of streets of Madrid, driving through the cavernous underground roadway which took us clear of the metropolis without delays. After having comfortable regular stops we arrived in Salamanca at 5:30 pm. The Alameda Hotel was beautiful and very central albeit lacking in the catering department.

Many of us ventured out after the evening meal and made our way to the Plaza Mayor, to enjoy a very pleasant coffee and brandy in the splendour of a grand Plaza typical of most of the major cities in Spain.  
photo Plaza Mayor       Photo by Graham Davies
photo Ayuntamiento - Plaza Mayor at night


photo University library       Photo by Graham Davies
  The following day we were treated to a very detailed commentary while on a walking tour of the old city centre, including a visit to the oldest university in Spain, which is an interest old building with a library which contains books detailing Spanish history.

We were able to look into the library but were not actually allowed to enter it. The books in the library can only be consulted with special permission

photo Photo by Graham Davies   On the third day we left Salamanca and headed off to Ávila, which is a beautiful walled city. We had about an hour in Ávila, this city is well worth a longer visit. Also we had three and a half hours in Segovia and again much more time should be spent in this wonderful city.

I am sure that Ávila and Segovia would make a very good two centre trip at some future date.

                                                Photo by Graham Davies

Before leaving for home we visited Aranjuez with its lovely Palace and interesting gardens. Even more interesting was fitting 56 people on to the small tourist train for the trip around the gardens. Needless to say we all found a space whether it was sitting next to the driver or four of us sitting in a space made for three. If nothing else it brought us all together!!!

The sun shone throughout the trip, it appeared that everyone had fun and we all got home a little tired but happy.
  photo Photo by Graham Davies

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