Dr. Goldberg at the Pearly Gates

So Dr. Goldberg is at the Pearly Gates and the Gatekeeper won't let him in.

Gatekeeper:   "I'm sorry, doctor, but you can't come in here.  You're going
down there." [pointing in a downwards direction]

Dr. Goldberg:   "There must be a mistake.  All my life I've been curing
people's illnesses and saving people's lives.  I must be coming up here."

Gatekeeper:   [checking his list ...] "No, I'm sorry doctor, you're definitely
not on the list.  You're going down there ..."

At that moment, a man in a white coat with a stethoscope round his neck
walks straight in through the gates.

Dr. Goldberg:   "Look, he's a doctor and you've let him in."

Gatekeeper:  "That's not a doctor.  That's God ... he just thinks he's a doctor."

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