elderly man   Fred is getting old and is having a problem these days making love with his wife. So he goes to see his doctor. His doctor prescribes Viagra, but even this doesn't work for him. Fred talks about his problem with a friend who informs him of an amazing medicine man who he feels sure can help him.

So Fred visits the medicine man who listens to his problem and tells him that he can certainly help him. The medicine man throws a white powder onto the flame of a burning candle. There is a huge flash and billowing blue smoke. Then the medicine man tells Fred, "There, that should work for you. But be warned, it will only work once a year. All you have to do when you are ready to make love is to say, '1 2 3' and it will rise for as long as you wish."

Fred asks, "But how do I get it to come down again when I have finished making love?" The medicine man replies, "Either you or your wife can say, '1 2 3 4' and it will then go down again. But do remember, it will only work once per year."

That night, Fred has a shower and then he has a shave and slaps plenty of after-shave onto his face. He slides into bed and cuddles up to his wife and says, "One two three". His wife looks at him and asks, "What did you say one two three for?"

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