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Group Leader:     Stella Maarsman
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Hatha yoga practice co-ordinates movement with breath and with postures performed in a soft and flowing style. The exercises are designed to improve strength and flexibility and are especially beneficial in helping to mobilise the spine and alleviate back pain.

Each class finishes with relaxation. It's during this time that the benefits of the movements can settle within the body allowing it to rebalance. Afterwards you'll feel refreshed and revitalised,

Yoga is suitable for all ages and capabilities. All you need to practise is a body and an open mind!

Let's enjoy yoga together! €3 per class


The following is the Webmaster's contribution, not the Yoga Group Leader's
yogi   Did you hear about the yogi who went into the take-away pizza parlour?
He walked up to the counter and said, "Make me one with everything".
(Pause before reading on ..... "Make me one with everything" - get it?)

He gave the man a 50 euro note. Then he picked up his pizza and asked, "Where is my change?"
The man replied, "Change must come from within".

Well, that same yogi went to the dentist for a filling. The dentist asked him if he wanted an anaesthetic. The yogi replied, "No thank you. I can transcend dental medication".

Actually, did you know that there has been some research which shows that drinking alcohol can have many of the same benefits as the practice of yoga?
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