Healthy Walking Group

Group Leader:        John Dimsdale photo
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All U3A members are welcome to join us and enjoy our weekly walking exercise and company.  The walk are of approximately one hour duration and are paced so that we will benefit from the exercise.

The faster walkers will be at the front with the leader, and those who need to take it more slowly will be accompanied at the rear by the other walk leader (who will be wearing a fluorescent jacket).  For safety reasons, please do not drop behind the rear walk leader - we do not want to lose people on the walk!

Those who wish to socialise further and have a chat can do so over coffee after the walk.

Be sure to wear adequate shoes as some parts of the paths are uneven and occasionally have muddy patches and go through fields. For some, a walking stick or Nordic walking sticks may be handy.

No prior notice need be given to participate - just turn up at the starting point.  You can see the programme by clicking -> -> AdobeReader
Walks programme

Please remember:  you walk at your own risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are capable of doing the walks that you undertake. Please read the terrain characteristics carefully to avoid ruining your walk and that of your fellow walkers.
Thank you
Your walk leaders