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Group Leader:       Christina Rene
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Christina writes:

I've inherited the family villa with a neglected garden, and am learning fast about plants that will thrive in this location!  I'd say I'm an enthusiastic amateur, certainly no horticulturalist.

I've offered to organise a Gardening Group, starting next September.  My ideas are very much along the lines of sharing knowledge and possibly other resources.

  • Take turns to host in each other's gardens to exchange problems, tips, advice, seeds, cuttings, spare plants etc.
  • Invite guest speakers e.g. Dick & Clodagh Handcombe (authors of 'Your Garden in Spain' and other books)
  • Organise trips to visit gardens open to the public and other places of special interest.

The Webmaster writes:
At Christina's request, I am making available the 14 newsletters which I have retained from the original Gardening Group (November 2008 to June 2010) which contain information and photographs which will be of value to her group. To read the original newsletters, click on the sunflowers:

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