Group Leader:     Paul Pruden

The Moraira-Teulada U3A group of the Friends of Avinença, along with similar groups nearby, are composed of a group of people who are interested in learning about the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the Land of Valencia, that is the Provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castillon. You can register on our Friends of Avinença website.

What do we do?...     We take part in 'special interest' visits and talks. The visits are guided in English and are usually whole day trips. With the Friends of Avinença, we have privileged access to venues, always with expert guides. On some of these trips we combine with similar groups from nearby U3As.

Venues include Natural Parks, traditional farms, archaeological sites, conservation projects, historic sites and buildings.

One coach makes each trip. Places on these trips are allocated in proportion to the membership numbers of each of the U3As that join with us on a particular visit. Early booking & payment is essential if you wish to take part in these activities. Payment can be made through our Friends of Avinença website

If you would like to become involved in our activities and would like to join us on some of our trips you can either visit the Friends of Avinença website or email Paul Pruden at xabia.forall@yahoo.es or talk to us at the monthly U3A General Meetings.

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updated 15th November 2013

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updated 26th June 2011

Please note that you take part in all Friends of Avinença trips upon the following conditions:

1.   Insurance: You are responsible for your own insurance. The organisers and/or Friends of Avinença will not accept liability in any respect for any loss or injury that may be suffered by people who travel with us or whilst taking part in Friends of Avinença activities.

2.   No refunds will be made in the event that you are unable to take part in an activity. However you may arrange a substitute as long as the promoters are advised by email 24 hours before the trip takes place. In the event of the trip being cancelled by Friends of Avinença, a full refund will be made.

3.   If, by prior written agreement, arrangements have been made for payment in respect of any trip to be collected on the day of the trip and the participant does not take part, or find a substitute in time, then the would-be participant will still be held liable to pay for the cost of the place.