Creative Writing

Group Leader:   Rosemary Sheppard
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The group meets twice a month, where we explore writing in general and members can bring their own work to share with others for positive criticism and mutual help. In addition, the Group Leader will suggest a theme for a 'homework' writing exercise for the following meeting.

Meetings last about 2 hours. We are looking for people who either already enjoy writing or who want to start and need help. Most of all, we want you to have fun.   Creative writing  

They say that everyone has a novel inside them waiting to get out. Some of us would be happy with a short story or a simple poem. Or how about penning your family history so the grandchildren can know what life was really like two generations ago? Writing takes many forms and can be really rewarding especially when you share it with others.

That's our aim in the Creative Writing Group. We want to enjoy ourselves and improve our writing at the same time through reading our work aloud, discussing it with each other, sharing ideas and penning the occasional exercise to sharpen our wits and challenge our imaginations.

You don't need to be a Hemingway, a Betjeman, or even a Barbara Cartland to join us. If we had a 'mission statement', it would simply be 'Just Write'.


Letters In Time

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