After many weeks of drafting and discussion with the Lawyer, the Committee have now agreed the way forward regarding the Constitution. Please see [links below to] the Spanish and English version of the Constitution and new Internal Regulations of the Association (the Internal Regs). We will only outline the reasons why these documents are so different from what you have seen in the past but a full explanation will be given at the monthly meeting on the 6th January. The reason for not going into details now is so that you are not bogged down with too much reading now and can ask questions on why this has come about at the meeting.   The main reason for the changes is that the English version we now have, accurately follows the Spanish version and on reading through the Constitution in detail it refers to internal regulations of the Association, which although we have them, they were not written down. The fact they weren't written down caused controversy in the past so we have now followed the Constitution and these regulations have now been written down and are referred to as the Internal Regs. In accordance with the Constitution, it is the Internal Regs which need to be ratified at a monthly meeting of members and not the Constitution itself.   If you have any comments on these regulations please bring them up at the meeting on the 6th January after which, the Committee will accept written amendments from the members which should be sent to Carol Mantle and Jill Cole by 21st January and, following the receipt of which, the amendments will be discussed in Committee and brought to the February Meeting for approval by the Membership.

The Webmaster writes: The only copy of the proposed new Spanish version of the Constitution I have is in the form of 14 photocopies of the individual pages (see below). I am sorry that you will have to click on each of the brown links to read each page. If you wish to read the original versions in both English and Spanish, click here

Revised Constitution - Spanish (legal) version:
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Revised Constitution - English translation:            

Internal Regulations:            

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